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Why Study Theatre at Goucher?

The Theatre Program is designed to offer a balance between the varied artistic elements of theatre and an intellectual understanding of the diverse theoretical, historical, and cultural aspects of this art. 戏剧专业的学生为从事戏剧职业做准备 and other performance media, for further studies in theatre at the graduate level, 或者在专业剧院以外的不同领域追求职业生涯. Students 将戏剧辅修课程与大学里的任何专业相结合.  Students also 将辅修课程与艺术相关专业联系起来,包括 Integrative Art Studies Major or the Arts Management Concentration.

LearnWhat Will You Learn?

What Will You Learn?

在古谢尔,戏剧的研究是牢牢扎根于文科的传统. Ours is not a conservatory program. 我们鼓励学生在所有方面追求卓越 戏剧研究的多个方面,包括表演、设计和技术 theatre production, collaborative stagecraft, playwriting and directing, and dramaturgy. Students are expected to balance the rigors of their academic classes with the requirements of a demanding production season.  Learn More

DoWhat Will You Do?

What Will You Do?

Students who minor in theatre at Goucher will complete courses in performance, technical theatre and design, history/criticism/dramatic literature, integrative skills courses (such as directing, playwriting, or theatre for social change), 专业发展/校外 experience. 戏剧项目还在米尔德里德每年举办一次戏剧季 Dunnock black box theatre. 我们的季节是由各种各样的戏剧组成的 productions that include classical and contemporary plays from around the world, student written original works, works in languages other than English, and pieces that experiment with form and content. 在制作季节,学生们可以磨练在课程中学到的技能 但也要相互合作,为共同的目标而共同努力.

Course Curriculum


Program Contact
Kendall Kennison,系主任,音乐教授, 班纳特-哈伍德特聘教授

Full-Time and Half-Time Faculty

Michael Curry综合艺术研究与戏剧教授

Professor Emeriti
Jean Wilhelm,戏剧名誉教授

Instructional Staff

Todd Mion, lecturer in dance, lighting designer and head of production for dance, music, and theatre

Study Abroad

By studying abroad, choosing three-week intensive courses led by Goucher faculty or 适合他们学术计划的学期课程,云顶集团剧院的学生获得了一个 全球视野,提高他们的学习过程. Visit the Office of Global Education for more information.


法国的巴黎、马赛和阿维尼翁: This course is an experiential introduction to the dynamic world of contemporary French theatre in three 法国独特的地区:阿维尼翁和普罗旺斯乡村,马赛和巴黎. Students get to know each area through French people, and improve language skills in immersion 诸如寄宿家庭、戏剧工作室和烹饪班等环境. Experienced theatre students profit from direct engagement with French traditions of performance, while beginners discover and develop skills such as vocal projection and characterization. 对于所有的学生来说,戏剧工作提供了培养对话能力的工具 French while plays and performances provide a window into contemporary French culture. 顶点项目是云顶集团剧院项目的一部分 the program's fall events. 每个学生的参与都是基于个人的 skills and interests.


This ICA includes a pre-departure course in the spring term and a three-week intensive course abroad in the summer.(1/3)课前阶段,将开始开发工作 a collaborative performance event that will be done for the public in ad hoc site specific locations in Edinburgh. 在国际体验期间,学生将 explore their interests through exposure to art forms from contemporary Europe to traditional Scottish arts via kinesthetic and visual experiences, performances, open 讨论、课堂和工作坊. 前半部分的国际经验 借鉴在课程前开始的工作.  学生将合作创造 将呈现给公众的视觉/动觉/听觉事件. In the second half students will be immersed in the International Arts Festival and Fringe Festival.  Students will learn to navigate the festivals, which provide a truly international/cultural experience comprised of numerous art forms (theatre, music, physical theatre, dance, 马戏团、歌舞表演、喜剧、即兴表演、视觉艺术等.),并鼓励选择经验/表演/事件等. 这将影响他们自己的艺术作品和前景.

ARTS, CULTURE AND MUSIC IN BALI (5: 4+1) This 4 credit interdisciplinary course invites students to experience Bali 通过对其音乐、舞蹈和视觉艺术的深度沉浸和探索 of its culture and history. 在国外的强化课程中,学生将有机会 记录他们的经历,分享他们对巴厘岛的思考,与之抗争 such questions as the everyday nuances of cultural difference, the impact of the creative economy and tourism on Balinese culture, the transformative power of Balinese performance 艺术,以及他们作为全球消费者和公民的角色. We will explore Bali’s rich history, performing and visual arts, traditions and heritage through workshops, 由巴厘岛学者和艺术家带领的讲座、表演和实地考察. Students will come away from this course with a deep, informed, and experiential appreciation 巴厘岛独特的艺术天赋,记录、描述和批判的能力 reflect on Balinese cultural performances, and an understanding of the unique Balinese 应对全球化时代文化可持续性的挑战. The 1 credit pre-departure course focuses on ethnographic practices of participant-observation, 反身性和文化文献,并介绍关键读物和概念 在巴厘岛文化和社会的研究,并鼓励对身体的认识 通过专注于身体运动的锻炼. Turner, Free.

Office of Global Education

Opportunities & Internships


Internships help students explore possibilities, apply classroom learning, and gain experience. Explore internships and credit options.

A detailed description of the off-campus experience is published by the Career Education 并详细说明实习的指导方针和时间表. Students interested in arranging an internship should contact their individual academic advisors.

在专业制作公司全职或兼职实习. Prerequisite: at least one course in theatre. 需要初步申请和面试. May 被记为一个字母等级或及格/不及格.
Instructor: Michael Curry

Community-Based Learning

Community-based learning, or service learning, is a way for students to actively connect 他们的学术工作与社区的直接经验. By combining hands-on work in the community with the academic framework provided by course work across the 在课程设置上,学生获得了丰富的社会问题经验. Students learn about the workings of community, encounter differences related to race, class and privilege, 对社会正义有更深的理解,并能从事社会正义方面的工作 beneficial to others. 他们也对自己有了更好的了解. Community-based learning emphasizes academic rigor, reflection, and developing ongoing community partnerships. 以社区为基础的学习可以是任何学科和任何学术部门的一部分: 人文、社会科学、科学和艺术.

At Goucher, community-based learning is part of a growing number of academic courses, including Theatre for Social Change. 请听迈克尔·库里的报道 or by visiting the Community-Based Learning website.

Student Clubs

See the Office of Student Engagement for more information about student organizations like the Open Circle Theatre, Pizzazz, and more.

Student Employment

Student employment 为学生提供校内和校外的机会. The Career Education Office provides resources and support to students with or without Federal Work Study to find 工作,提交申请,并了解更多关于求职过程. Students have access to Handshake — a website for job postings, events, resumes/cover letters, and career management.

The Theatre Program has many opportunities for students to work on its stage crews and production teams. See Todd Mion for more information. 

Major & Career Exploration

Exploring career options, choosing a major, and making career decisions is a multi-step 鼓励所有学生尽早和经常参与的过程. Goucher students 有各种各样的资源可以通过 Majors and Career page to assist them in this process.

Job Search

云顶集团教育为学生准备今天的就业市场和未来. Students 能透过网站寻找工作机会及查阅求职资源吗 CEO Job Search page.

Graduate & Professional School

Students access resources for searching and applying to graduate and professional school through the 首席执行官研究生和专业学校页面, through faculty and staff members, or utilizing their own resources, network and tools.


Goucher College and Johns Hopkins Carey Business School are offering Goucher students 学士学位和硕士学位相结合的课程. This 4+1 program combines a bachelor’s degree from Goucher with a master of science degree from Johns Hopkins in business analytics and risk management, information systems, health care management, finance, or marketing. 学生可以在大三的时候申请. GRE or GMAT tests have been waived but applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25分或以上,通过部分定量推理课程,成绩为 B or better.


This series of six plays is produced by the theatre program as a public reading and as a podcast radio series.

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